Friday, June 28, 2013

She's baaaaccckkkkk!

It's been a long time.  Way too long.  I honestly thought I was taking a short break.  Yeah, right.  More than ONE YEAR later, I finally find myself ready to put myself back on the web again.This is really for me, so it doesn't really matter if anyone else reads this or not.  If you do, thank you!  But, it's okay if it's just me.  There are just too many things floating around in my head that need to get out.

This past school year almost did me in.  Almost proved all of my critics right.  I almost walked away.  I wanted to.  Part of me still does.  But I'm not going to.  I'm going to stay right where I am: in a classroom with 100+ students coming and going throughout a day, working hard to know them, to establish relationships, and to find ways to help them realize that English/Language Arts isn't the horrible, boring, scary class we (English teachers) have made it seem.

I want to take some time this summer to think here, to try and put some experiences in perspective while I also think ahead and maybe even find my excitement again for the year that is barely over the horizon.  So here I am.  Twisting and turning.  Again.

And it doesn't feel half bad.

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