Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Can't stand the heat...let me out of the classroom!

I haven't been very faithful with my postings during this challenge.  I have all sorts of reasons.  Too busy.  Life is a mess.  Nothing to write about.  But, I finally figured it out.  My brain is literally fried.  See, my classroom has been roughly 80 degrees every day, all day, for the last week.  Yep.  Northern Indiana. March.  Outside temps in the 80s.  Classroom...ditto, or more. 

I've gotten special permission to open my windows.  My work ticket scored me one fan.  I keep the lights turned off more often than on.  Yet I can feel it every day, my brain boiling over....cooking to a crisp.  So I have the ultimate excuse.  I can't write because...

...my brain is fried.


  1. So sorry that you are fried... here's to hoping you cool off and can write more often! I miss reading your work!

  2. Oh no! And with all those 8th graders! Must be....fragrant?
    I almost hate to tell you that I had to put in a work ticket. It seems something is not set correctly...and the air is set too cold. We're chilled and goose bumpy and wearing sleeves and sweaters.
    Bet you'd trade! Or maybe we get them to reroute a portion of our air to you so that it would even out. :)